2014 | IRKS & HC
A Case Study in Applying Societal Impact Assessment in Public Transport Security

Work Packages

1 State-of-the-Art and Good Practices in Assessing Societal Impacts of Security Research

1.1 Examine the State-of-the-Art in Societal Impact Assessment Tools and Methodologies and Set Up a Project Handbook
1.2 Overview of Good Practices
1.3 Utility of the Different Good Practice Models for Security Research

2 Experts of the Societal Impacts of Security Policy and Practice

2.1 Strategy for Identifying Relevant Experts in the Field
2.2 Construct, Populate and Maintain a Database of Experts in the Field

3 Develop Tools and Methodologies for the Mainstreaming of Societal Impact

3.1 Tools and Methodologies for Assessing Societal Impact
3.2 An Online Assessment Tool for Determining Societal Impact
3.3 Recommendations for Mainstreaming of SIA Tools and Methodologies in Security Research

4 Engagement and Dissemination

4.1 Identify and Address Key Players for Dissemination Activities
4.2 Create and Maintain a Website, Prepare and Distribute Information Materials
4.3 Organize a Final Conference for ASSERT